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Bill Gross started Idealab in 1996 to create, build and operate companies that challenge the status quo. Idealab has prototyped and tested hundreds of ideas, and from those, has formed and operated more than 125 companies spanning a wide range of markets. Idealab accelerates technology innovation and provides the infrastructure to help early stage technology companies succeed. More >
Inside the Lab
Creative Office Space Available
Are you a technology company with 4 to 20 employees? Do you need creative office space that inspires you, fosters collaboration and gives you access to support services which have helped create more than 125 startup companies? Idealab offers full-service office space to like-minded technology companies when space permits. Located in the heart of Old Pasadena, Idealab's work environment is as unique as our companies.
Recent Announcements
Taboola has acquired Perfect Market, a company founded by Idealab in 2007. With the acquisition, Taboola introduced a new product called Taboola-X based on technology originally developed by Perfect Market. By combining Perfect Market's programmatic advertising technology with Taboola's global, industry-leading content distribution and monetization capabilities, Taboola-X will create a "one-stop-shop" for full page monetization across all platforms.
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