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Top 6 reasons to work at Idealab and its companies.

Yes, we're seeking great talent! Please search our current openings, and also see what our employees have chosen as their favorite things about working here.
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Making a Difference

Our mission is to impact the world in a smart and meaningful way through the companies that we build.

Convenient Location

Literally steps away from dozens of shops and restaurants, we are located in the heart of Old Town Pasadena, California.

Cool Office Space

No cubicles! Our office is a wide open, airy, and inviting space that inspires a sense of community and respect.

Food + Drink = Energy

A wide selection of free beverages, subsidized lunches, Monday morning bagels, 3pm snacks, and occasional office-wide lunches. We believe good food makes for happy workers.

Always Learning

Learn new skills, stay current with industry trends, collaborate, and attend interesting and relevant lectures.

Good Times

Celebrations, contests, and social gatherings are often regarded by employees as some of our most memorable events.
More reasons why working here is different from anywhere else:
  • Be one of the first. Enjoy the excitement of getting in on the ground floor.
  • It's all about you. We encourage feedback and suggestions from all employees.
  • Recharge. Blow off steam in our game room or visit our quiet room for a time out.
  • Co-habitating companies. Leverage the talent and expertise from our entire community.
  • Green initiatives. Alternative transportation and battery recycling programs, plus more.
"I love being in a work environment that celebrates different professional disciplines and, frankly, all kinds of brains. Solar engineers working side-by-side with front-end UX designers, traffic analysts seated next to digital artists."
"It's a workplace but it feels like a family. People are too busy innovating and trying to change the world to worry about titles. We're a team."
"Idealab's culture is inspiring and energetic. I get a feeling of being part of something 'big and important' by working here."
"Idealab culture is spirited. Innovative minds work at Idealab. Idealab people know how to balance work and amusement. On Halloween, holidays and some special Friday evenings, you can see how cool this place — where intellectual minds work together — can be."
"Interesting people with great skills working on very exciting projects. You never hear what someone else is working on and say to yourself, 'That sounds boring.'"
"I was surprised by the respect people have for each other's ideas and contributions, the fun they have collaborating and working together, and the relationships people share in and out of the office."
"If you excel at what you do, want to work hard, be challenged, get recognized for your contributions and be a part of something meaningful (all while being encouraged to maintain a work/home life balance!), this is the place."
"Idealab is a place where there are no little people. Everyone gets visibility; everyone makes an impact; and everyone rises with the tides. At the end, we are just a bunch of entrepreneurially-charged people convinced that we can change the world."
"The atmosphere reminds me of college in that I frequently find myself huddled in a room with person running the white board, another running the we work together to solve a problem in the most intelligent and efficient way possible."
"Idealab hosts events like social hours and movie's never a dull moment here! I love that everyone works elbow to elbow, and that you can meet new people everyday at the coffee machine or the lunch line."
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Benefits Summary
Idealab and most Idealab operating companies offer many great benefits including:
  • great working environment
  • open work space
  • subsidized lunches
  • casual dress
  • great synergy between companies
  • stock options
  • competitive base salary
  • comprehensive medical, dental and vision plans
  • life insurance
  • paid time off
  • 401k
Search Jobs
Idealab and the Idealab network of companies are proud to be equal opportunity employers.

NOTE: Individuals responding to job postings are considered applicants for a particular position only after they have been invited to complete the company's official printed employment application form.
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