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eSolar has engineered a paradigm shift in CSP technology, providing solar energy that is cost-competitive with fossil fuels. eSolar's technology utilizes small, flat mirrors to track the sun and reflect the sun's heat to a tower-mounted receiver to create steam. This steam powers a traditional turbine and generator to produce solar electricity.
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Green Tech Today: eSolar
Rob Rogan, Senior VP of eSolar, leads a detailed tour of eSolar's technology and solar power plant as part of the Top 25 Green Tech Innovators Series. Watch video >
eSolar Featured in National Commercial
eSolar's Sierra SunTower facility was selected to represent high-tech solar innovations as a backdrop location for Rabobank's international television commercial. Watch video >
eSolar - Cheap Solar Power
Bill Gross, founder and chairman of eSolar, explains how the company plans to make solar power as cheap as coal in the March/April 2010 issue of Technology Review, published by MIT. Watch video >
Sierra SunTower featured in national commercial
In search of a dramatic visual representation of cutting-edge technology, BDO Seidman chose eSolar's Sierra SunTower facility as the location for their latest national television commercial. Watch video >
eSolar tour of Lancaster facility
Bill Gross leads a tour through eSolar's Sierra SunTower facility located in Lancaster, CA. Watch video >
A Case for Renewable Energy in Davos
Bill Radke talks to Bill Gross about eSolar's eco-initiative building solar thermal plants in China and what message he wants to share at the World Economic Forum. Listen to audio >
eSolar Exhibits at WFES 2010
eSolar travels to Abu Dhabi for the 2010 World Future Energy Summit, the world's platform for sustainable future energy solutions. View photos >
The Technology Pioneers Program is the World Economic Forum's means of identifying and integrating those companies around the world that are involved in the design and development of new technologies and innovations ... Watch video >
The World Economic Forum names eSolar a Class of 2010 Technology Pioneer
The winners represent the most innovative start-ups from around the globe that will impact the future of business and society. More >
Solar Rising
Now is the time to capitalize on the tremendous potential of solar energy. eSolar's Rob Rogan envisions a bright solar future with a landscape dotted with unique models of solar success and freedom from fossil fuels. More >
eSolar unveiled the Sierra SunTower facility on August 5, 2009, at an event attended by more than 200 dignitaries and special guests, thus heralding a new era of low-cost solar energy. Watch video >
eSolar CEO Bill Gross is joined by more than 250 dignitaries and special guests at the official unveiling of Sierra SunTower – the only operating solar thermal power tower in the United States. View photos >
The California city of Lancaster looks to solar energy and eSolar to power an economic recovery. Watch video >
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